TruthSeekers Blood Pledge. . . Real People, Real Adventures. As Legitimate as it Gets!

Who We Are. . .

Welcome to the online home of the TruthSeekers Blood Pledge. We are group of friendly individuals on the Lineage 1, Lands of Aden Server. The Blood Pledge is run by DakotaSky, a level 65+ Royal who has played many years in the Lineage world with her fellow Guardian Knights who also share in a long length of experience. TruthSeekers is a peaceful Blood Pledge that does not typically fight or war with other Blood Pledges and tries to avoid PvP encounters unless provoked and left with no other choice.

As a hunting oriented pledge, the TruthSeekers Blood Pledge hunts all over Aden including the many floors of the Tower of Insolence (ToI), Sanctuary of Evil (SoE), Temple of Shadows (ToS), Lastavard, Forgotten Island (FI) and many other places including the occasional boss hunting. It is all based entirely on who is on and what everyone wants to do. We are a team effort all around and a family in itself that seeks to enjoy what Lineage has to offer in a fun and peaceful environment.

The pledge is here for any and all who are looking for a friendly group of players that enjoys doing group and Blood Pledge hunts. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the pledge so long as you can follow the guidelines listed below, however we are always looking for levels 52+ for boss hunts and harder areas. If you are interested in joining, drop us a line in-game.

The Rules. . .

TruthSeekers is a very easy going and laid back Blood Pledge. With that said, the rules are simple and to be respected within the Pledge.

  • No Cheaters!
  • No Hackers!
  • No Botters!
  • No Thieves!
  • Respect and Have Fun!!!

The Guardian Knights. . .

TruthSeekers has a well organized Guardian Knights group built as the officers of the Blood Pledge. that aims to help in the benefit and growth of the Blood Pledge and it's members. The Guardian Knights consist of multiple classes and are available to hold Blood Pledge Hunts at any time when the Princess does not.

Interested in Joining the Fun?

TruthSeekers is always welcoming new members and old members alike. If you are interested in joining the Blood Pledge you can whisper/mail DakotaSky or Khalido in-game.

Join The TruthSeekers Blood Pledge